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Gary Eck

Gary is an accomplished stand-up comedian, actor, screenwriter, author and film director.

More about Gary....

Gary has performed all around the world from Singapore to Paris, to New York and London and has done comedy shows at the Edinburgh, Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals.


Gary is a sought after corporate MC and comedian and has worked alongside some of the biggest companies in Australia.

Gary co-wrote and co-directed Happy Feet Two with Academy Award winner George Miller. He also voiced several characters for the film.  

Gary won the world’s largest short film competition, Tropfest, with his short, The Money and took second place two years prior with his comedy short Tragic Love.  Eck co-wrote and starred in the cult hit You Can’t Stop the Murders and featured in the film Boytown alongside Mick Molloy and Glen Robbins.

Gary currently has a sci-fi feature in development and co-created the hit kids animation series, VEGESAURS which currently screens on ABC TV and iView and is now into it's third season. It's the number 2 show on BBC, just behind Bluey. Gary also writes and episode directs the series.

Gary has written two children’s picture books, Wake Up Sleepyhead and The Day the Moon Came to Stay  which is out now.

Gary Eck can be heard regularly on Richard Glover’s, Thank God It’s Friday on

ABC 2.

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