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"My biggest movie influence growing up were comedy films. I remember seeing Flying High (Aeroplane) as a kid and declaring it the funniest thing I had ever seen. What I loved is that they took a really big, insane idea but treated it totally seriously. That's where the comedy is, the contrast. I try to apply this thinking to all my ideas, whether it is a comedy, drama or a sci-fi, like Mindmare."

Gary has written and directed several short films including the Tropfest winning film, The Money. He has penned a number of feature films such as Mindmare and a live action comedy film entitled Three Fools which was optioned by George Miller. Gary also co-wrote and co-directed Happy Feet Two and starred in the feature cult classic, You can't Stop the Murders and Boytown.          

The Pod Room - Mindmare sci-fi feature film


Gary is the co-creator, writer and episode director of Ginger and the Vegesaurs on ABCKids which has sold around the world including BBC where it is their second highest rating show just behind Bluey! Season 2 of Vegesaurs is out now and season 3 is currently in production.

Gary wrote and starred in the Comedy Channel's sketch comedy half hour, The 50 Foot Show with Akmal Saleh and Anthony Mir.

Early in his career, Gary hosted Candid Camera which is he trying to forget ever happened.

Gary has also written half hour episodes for Here Come the Habibs (Ch 9) and Sando (ABC).


Sketches from The Nation
(Ch 9, 2008)

Every week Gary Eck recorded a comedy sketch for Mick Molloy's topical show, The Nation, on Channel 9. They've buried on Youtube until now! Here's a few favourites, some more twisted than others!

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